Buy Local, From Ottawa Pianos

Ottawa Pianos is a local business; by local we mean that people in the Ottawa area independently own it. 

1. Buying local more money stays and circulates in our community. A company that comes to this city, just for the weekend, takes ALL their profits with them. Ottawa Pianos has been contributing to Ottawa’s Economy for over 45 years!

2. Local Business Owners Support and Invest in the Community. We at Ottawa Pianos are invested in the community’s welfare and future. We support our local charities, hospitals, and of course, music festivals.

3. Customer Service is Better. We hire technicians who are experts in their fields. As Local businesses we live in your town. At Ottawa pianos we will not ignore you and hope you go away! There are no long distance calls for any warranty work. We are your neighbour. Drop by!

Local Spending Circles Back to YOU!

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