Adult Piano Lessons

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Piano practice improves posture and strengthens the hands and wrists.

Older adults who are interested in maintaining good health often decide to play the piano because it is a pleasant way to exercise the mind and body.

The most important benefits from studying the piano may be the mental exercise of listening and responding to music. The concentration required to perform even simple pieces keeps the mind alert and attentive.

Ottawa’s Yamaha Music School Currently offers two types of lessons for our adults.

Group Lessons:

This is an ideal way for a Beginner student to get started!
Our stress-free group classes are specifically designed for adults. We use the Yamaha Keyboards Club method and our instructors are Yamaha-certified to teach this course.
Courses are ten weeks, one hour a week.
Our teachers are committed to providing a rewarding musical experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Private Lessons:

For the student who is coming back to the love of learning music, we offer half hour private lessons with our experienced instructors.
Private lessons are offered Monday through Saturday, daytime and evenings.

A life long hobby that can be enjoyed at any age.

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