Children's Piano Lessons

Group Classes

Music Wonderland

Music Wonderland is the first year of the renowned Junior Music Course. It provides a wonderful introduction to music for 3 year old children and an enjoyable togetherness activity with parents. This program begins with a focus on developing listening skills. The group classes promote teamwork and a sense of accomplishment as the students and parent successfully make music together. Its is a great way to spend time with your three year old! Call us at 613-731-1379

Yamaha Junior Music Course

For 4 and 5 year old beginners, it is a unique program to give your child the best opportunity to develop rhythmic sense, using the keyboard as a learning tool. One parent is required to attend regularly with the child and assist in follow-up at home.

We offer different levels of this course from beginner to intermediate. Do not hesitate to call us and inquire, no matter your current skill level.

Here is a great short video on the Yamaha Education System


Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered Monday through Saturday, daytime and evenings.


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