Piano Tuning

Andy Adams Tuning A PianoCome to our Yamaha Warranty Service Department for expert piano service by our Registered Piano Technicians! For repair, tuning or even just for advice, Dick or Andy will be happy to assist you.

Here's a little bit about piano tuning:

The three components of musical performance that need to be adjusted periodically are pitch, tone and touch. Tone is maintained by voicing, and touch by servicing the piano action. Piano tuning is the adjustment of the tuning pins so that all the strings are at the proper tension (pitch), to have the correct sounding musical intervals.
An out-of-tune piano or and unresponsive touch can discourage even novice musicians. Regular maintenance also can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Dick Papalia Tuning A Piano

Most manufacturers recommend servicing at least two to four times a year to keep the piano sounding good and working properly each time you sit down to play. This is especially important the first year of your piano's life. Some tuning instability should be anticipated during the first year because of the elasticity of the piano wire, combined with the pianos normal adjustment to the humidity changes in your home. But most importantly, be sure the regular servicing of your piano is performed by a qualified piano technician.

Currently the cost of a piano tuning in the city of Ottawa is $ 150.00 (taxes included)



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