Yamaha CX Series

Product Line Up

Benefiting from improvements in both resonance and expressive control, C series grands are the product of Yamaha's commitment to detail.

c7-thumb Yamaha C7X
C7's mellow sustain and tonal beauty are an inspiration to the performer's imagination.
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c6-thumb Yamaha C6X
Beautiful harmonic composition with a broad dynamic range.
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c5-thumb Yamaha C5X
C5 provide the volume needed by both conductors and performers, giving a deep, resonant sound.
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c3-thumb Yamaha C3X
Transparent reverberation and lush harmonics enable the C3 to fulfill the most stringent requirements.
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c2-thumb Yamaha C2X
Ivorite® and wood composite keyboard. The extended length of the C2 allows for a deep, beautiful tone.
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c1-thumb Yamaha C1X
Authentic-feeling ivorite® and wood composite keys provide an astoundingly natural touch.
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